Steel Fist is a combination of old traditional martial arts  and new modern practical self-defense fighting systems offering some of the best martial arts training in Sussex.

Our martial arts and fitness classes are suitable for 14 years and upwards in a fun and friendly environment.

We work with our students to promote healthy life choices helping our student to grow physically, mentally and socially.  Steel Fist Martial Arts is also welcoming to and offers classes that are suitable for teens and adults with physical, behavioral and learning difficulties.

We are a fully equipped Martial arts club with small classes to ensure a better environment and a higher level of training in several different martial arts to suit your interest and needs.


The Studio is fully matted wall to wall with 40mm mats giving better comfort and safety while you train, with 8 heavy bags to workout on. 3 ground and pound bags, all the pads and equipment you could need plus a Mixed Martial Arts training area that is caged. We have everything here under the one roof.

Steel Fist  Martial Arts holds a 1 strike and you’re out policy if any of the techniques we teach are used outside of the club to bully, intimidate or hurt someone else unnecessarily you will be asked to leave and not be allowed to return. We treat people with the same respect and good manners we expect from others.

Please feel free to contact Mick to book your first free class