Our Krav Maga class is suitable for 14 years old and upward, and is run by Mick Steels Owner / Head Instructor of SFMA with over 30 years of martial arts experience under his belt. Mick has worked with and helped many people from all walks of life learn this very unique and effective self defense system over the years including door staff, police officers, close protection staff as well as the general public. He teaches in a fun way showing effective methods to defend yourself against single or multiple attackers and defense against weapons such as  bottles , knife , sticks , bats  and even gun defence.What you will gain

What you will gain

Kava Mega helps to build your strength and stamina as well as gives you confidence and great co-ordination

Thursdays 7:30 pm till 9:30 pm




About Krav Maga

The Israeli Krav Maga Association is located in Netanya Israel. Grand Master Haim Gidon was elected President of the IKMA by an assembly and a vote of over twelve hundred members and still serves as President, Grand Master and 10th dan black belt. Lichtenfeld died in January 1998 in when Krav Maga started to spread beyond the borders of Israel, there arose a need to found an international organization. This happened mostly because the initial Krav Maga association existing at the time was divided and not functioning efficiently, due to dissension amongst the higher graded instructors. Imi resulted in forming a new international Krav Maga federation with the support of his most loyal students and respected instructors. Krav Maga is now taught to many of the top security agencies such as the FBI, CIA IDF,SAS,SBS, American special forces, Royal and American marines, British and American police. the type of thing you will learn are blocks, punches, kicks, knees, elbows, takedowns, chokes holds and locks, defense from multiple attackers, bats, bottles, knifes, sticks, swards and guns. the use of pressure points, nerve strikes, ecreema stick and tonfa.